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“Preserving the Present in Perpetuity for Futures’ Past”

The narrative is presented in pictorial, video, & textural form expressing the story through the Informational Triad of Broadcast TV, websites/Internet, and handheld devices.

Informational Triad

The Kronos Projects is a collection of endeavors dedicated to preserving the digital imagery & history of the present and past and presenting, illustrating, & offering that material for the Mendhams, Morris County, & New Jersey by using the Triad of Broadcast TV, websites/Internet, and handheld devices: iPads, iPods, Nooks, laptops, newspapers , etc... Included in these efforts is the creation of the Video/Image – Electro Mechanical Mobility Aid (VI – EMMA) an electric wheelchair outfitted with various devices to facilitate the capture of both video and photographs by the handicapped.Welcome Mendham

These purposeful undertakings are meant to make current technological tools in software, hardware, and composite systems, drive down there cost & complexity, and make them generally available especially to local historical and nonprofit organizations in order to foster the creation and development of virtual books, virtual libraries, virtual museums and utensils for handicapped. Although some of these technologies have been available for a while the applications to diverse disciplines is new.The technological tools initially are developed & tested in the Technomage Imagineering Laboratory section before utilizing them throughout the website.

Stated below is just one example of the various activities that the Kronos Projects is working on in the areas of historical data preservation and exhibiting: virtual libraries, virtual museums, exhibiting detailed photographs, and video presentations.

As an example, when a video is produced for Mendham TV; a schedule of the program is sent out by e-mail and other personal media; listed on various websites, and the message is received on computers, cell phones, androids, and various other handheld devices. During and after the showing of the video, a more detailed account via a textual, video, and image presentation augments & enhances the story. The story’s website section offers other references and other sources of information that can be perused by the viewer.

Work Flow

 Prentation & Work Flow

The Video/Image/Text Workstation (VITW) is used to develop video for Mendham TV, the Internet, and to create DVDs of events. The workstation is employed to process digital images that are prepared for inclusion in the videos, for the Internet, for display on this website & other website, and to produce prints. Also the VITW is used to prepare text for the website, e-mails, books and articles in the form of PDFs, e-books, and printed material.

The compliment of peripherals connected to the computer consist of a printer, a scanner, turntable, LightScribe DVD burner, various video playing and recording devices, and a collection of storage hard disks containing the database of video, digital photos, and text.