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The Technomage Imagineering Laboratory section (TIL) of The Kronos Projects is the place that new methods in their raw form are tested to discern and understand how they work in an Internet environment and ponder Technomage phototheir amalgamation into various regions of the website. Methods are constantly perused for their incorporation in multiple disciplines to add a story thread of continuity. Aternatively tested and retained because they are just pleasing to the eye & held for future use.

Also, the (TIL) is used to explain and illustrate the hardware feature that is in use, being developed, or on the drawing board.

These purposeful undertakings are meant to make current technological tools in software, hardware, and composite systems, more available by driving down there cost & complexity, and make them generally available  to local historical and nonprofit organizations in order to foster the creation and development of virtual books, virtual libraries, virtual museums and utensils for the handicapped. Although some of these technologies have been available for a while the applications to diverse disciplines is new.

When these technological tools are new, in development, or are as simplified as possible, but still are too complex for the average organization or user, they are provided as a service for an initial or ongoing period by the Western Elf Manufacturing & Service (WEMS).

Adobe Zoomified Images

Copper Gristmill

Copper Gristmill photo North Wall First Floor

Cooper Gristmill, Chester NJ

Press the photo to view Zoomlified first floor north wall.

From the Zoomified Photo (ZP)  it can be seen that the viewer can easily discern the large “Kansas Expansion Floor BagFlour ”print on the flower bag, but cannot determine  the meaning of the red text below the insignia nor the texture of the cloth. Most of the text on the bulletin board cannot be read. The need for a more powerful digital camera, which is a camera capable ofBullitin Board capturing a 24 to 36 megapixels photo, is required to achieve the viewing capacity of a person actually gazing the inside landscape to what a person observing a Zoomification experiences, to assure an experience as close to reality as possible.

ZP is actually a collection of 698 individual photos separated into three groups representing different views of magnification with one HTML file containing controlling JavaScript information. Before the zoomified process is carried out a panoramic view of the scene is created by stitching together, in this case the method took eight hours , where different combinations are examined to provide the best vista of the work. All in all about 16 hours during three days were taken to build the initial ZP. The process should be shortened somewhat because procedures and methods were learned during the initial Zoomification & panoramic photo creation that should shorten the process.

Zoomification process involves splitting up a panoramic photo which is a view of the image in one plane that is broken up into several planes to achieve the magnification effect. The process by its nature dictates a photo be as dense as possible to achieve clear visibility at higher magnifications, thus the need for a 24 to 36 mega pixel camera.

Rocksiticus 1755 Sheep Skin

1755 Sheep Skin Map of Mendham/Bernardsville Area


"The original of this map is a large sheepskin parchment on file in the New Jersey Historical Society. It has been sewed together in the upper left hand corner and the hole in the upper right-hand corner is a defect in the sheepskin. The original is about six inches wider on the lower part which has been cut off in the print. The only part that is not shown is a small plat, which was a discrepancy in Lot #22, which is described by the writing in the lower right-hand corner. "  Original Author to be supplied


Microsoft Deep Zoom

A Deep Zoom of the Black Horse Tavern & Pub can be seen at

Black Horse Inn

In the near future, a second process which is more involved by the virtue of requiring more advanced software to achieve the magnification on multiple levels, that is multiple planes, by using different photographs on different planes to magnify the subject. The process is called Deep Zoom, it was originated by Microsoft. An example can be seen here: Hard Rock Café.

The next evolutionary step is to provide objects that are searchable by name.

Time Line

The timeline provide a shell that is searchable by name, provide a higher view of the subject matter, and offer links to detailed categories of documents, photos, and videos.

Time Line Thumb Nail

To Search the Time Line Press the Photo

Actual Pastime Club, Inc. history examples can be viewed below. The time lines offer a search facility for perusing a time line by alphabetic names and a pan & zoom facility to in large the whole image or portions of the time line.

Pastime Club Times Lines