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 A Brief History of the Pastime Club


The Pastime Club, a nonprofit organization, the oldest in Mendham, was founded on June 22, 1915 to sponsor and promote athletics in the community. After two setbacks between May 1931 & April 1938, during the Great Depression, the Club began its "modern era" on May 6, 1938, when it reorganized. Members met monthly, sponsored a baseball and basketball team, held pinochle and quoits tournaments and hosted an annual children's Christmas party. These activities were financed by dues of 25 cents a month, supplemented by fund-raising raffles and minstrel shows.

During World War II those members not in the armed services or at University worked on restoring the building at 3 Hilltop Road, the home of the Pastime Club for 71 years. The extensive work was accomplished by members who freely gave their talents and labor and raised money for materials. By 1947, two apartments had been constructed in the building and the club's popular four-lane bowling alley was completed in 1953. True to its original goals of supporting athletics and the community, the Pastime Club today is a generous supporter of athletics programs for youth and adults in the area through its sponsorship of teams in a variety of sports, donating equipment for fields and athletics awards to students in local schools. The major portion of monies raised during the Pastime Club's Labor Day weekend activities and the Annual Circus started in 1999 support these programs.

The annual Labor Day celebration was started in the early to mid 1940’s by the Pastime Club. In 1951 & thereafter, it was jointly sponsored with the Recreation Committee of Mendham Borough, with games and field events, bicycle and swimming races and a gigantic fireworks display. Throughout the years, an athletic contests, a carnival, car raffle, which has since been replaced by a 50/50 raffle, rides on a fire engine supplied by the Mendham Borough Fire Department, and other activities have been added to the celebration

In 2006, the Club refurbished a 40 foot trailer to create a portable food transport, called the Pastime Club Wiener Wagon, to be used for Labor Day events & other activities. That year the Wiener Wagon was first used for the Mendham Boroughs Centennial & then for the annual Labor Day Event. In 2007 a video of the Centennial, produced & created by the The Kronos Projects , was presented to the Borough of Mendham & the Mendham Historical Genealogical Society. After a three year hiatus, the Circus was resumed in 2009 & continues to entertain child & adult alike. Robert (Bob) W Cleary

Teams Supported by the Pastime Club

Each year, more than 4,500 young men & women in the Mendhams & Chesters who participate in various school and community-based athletic teams benefit from our continuing support & enthusiasm. The following is a list of some of the teams & organization we support through our donations & efforts.

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